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New Crisis

       When I was a child, a man named Adolf Hitler became prominent in Germany.  He had a way of charming people; quite a talker he was.There was a very well known man in Britain, though, who knew what Hitler was all about; his name was Winston Churchill, but nobody of any consequence believed what he had to say about the charming man who talked a lot. It was in 1934 when Leni Riefenstahl became so enraptured with Adolf Hitler that at his command she and her technicians made a movie called TRIUMPH of the WILL in Nuremburg,Germany.  it was filmed at the Nazi Party Conference.

       When I was in college we students were shown TRIUMPH of the WILL.  I thought at the time that everyone should see the movie, to see and understand how thousands of people were taken in by Adolf Hitler, a true spin artist; but considered an inconsequential wannabe before  he took to warehousing and killing Jews and Christians and threatening to take over all of Europe.

       But now, today, there are others who feel as though they should rule the world. As in Hitler's case, people woke up too late to the evil that threatens the West.  Now everyone in the Free World is alarmed, though not quite everyone.  There are still those who still believe that the Free World is safe from the violent thugs, but they are wrong.  They won't wake up until they are gathered up with their families and taken to soccer fields to have limbs amputated or worse, beheaded.  I was in England when 9/11 happened.  News reports from Afghanistan were filled with gruesome details of Taliban atrocities on the general public in soccer fields while the stadium seats were filled with cheering throngs that recalled the killing of Christians by lions in the Colosseum of Rome.