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ANOTHER SEASON/Sliding into Hell, Maybe?

Posted by etsybay2 on April 16, 2014 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

My new novel is a sequel to SEASON of the FLAME; it is called ANOTHER SEASON, Sliding into Hell, Maybe?  Whereas the first book deals with the childhood and eventual marraiges of the strong-willed heroine, Jannine Howard, this current novel deals with the conflicts and adjustments of aging, as well as the determination to find joy over sorrow and despair. 

Early on in the book, the heroine reflects on her honors term at Oxford, UK, which occurs from September 2001 to December 3, 2001.  The horror of 9/11 almost shatters her adventursome spirit, but she carries on stalwartly, as do her fellow American students.  A year later, she is asked to write a commemoration of that sad date, and she does write the piece with all the exuberance of the patriotic heart within her.  She is outraged that it does not get printed because of her supposition that it is simply too rah rah American for those who are afraid to confront the opposition who danced in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere when 9/11 occured.

When she arrives home, Jannine has already known that the world has changed forever, but she goes on in the strength of what she has always believed, that she is the true lightseeker that her mentor of childhood, Marsh, has trained her to be.  No matter what of life experiences is thrust forward for her to confront, she determindly carries on.