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Falling in love and getting married and becoming a mom to four children took up a great deal of time, but somewhere in my mid twenties I began to formulate the story of SEASON of the FLAME. It wasn't until 1983 that I finally finished the manuscript and sent it out to various publishers, all the while trying and failing to interest agents.  It was when I was in my seventies that I decided to self-publish and the book came our in 2008.

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ARTHUR is my second novel, based on several years of research beginning with the study of Arthurian HIstory at Oxford University, UK.  The following is part of the Preface I wrote for ARTHUR.


"One of the warriors of the Dark Ages mentioned by scholars as a possible candidate for the 'real' Arthur is Ambrosius Aurelius.

Thr earliest known mention of Ambrosius is in the writings of Gildas Bondonicus, a sixth century cleric, who is credited by historians as being the only substantial source that survives from the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain.  According to Gildas, the British:

                       'took arms under the conduct of Ambrosius Aurelius, a modest man, who of the entire Roman Nation was then alone in the confusion of this troubled period by chance left alone.  His parents, who for their merit were adorned with the purple, had been slain in these same broils...'


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My third book, REDEMPTION, is a ghost story,the plot of which has been told on my opening page.  Though I can't claim to have seen a ghost, there are strange dreams I've had throughout my life that have ultimately convinced me of the supernatural.  The little girl in the story, Kelly, is a lot like the little girl I was once upon a time, before I became an adult and became skeptical about angels and ghosts..  But love is the signifying emotion that ties the story together and inspires readers to believe in the redemption of the human soul.   

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