Betsy's Books


Betsy's Books

My name is Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer and I have 4 books on the market.  The titles of the first three are SEASON of the FLAME, ARTHUR, and REDEMPTION.  The 4th book, a sequel to the first, is titled ANOTHER SEASON, Sliding into Hell, Maybe? is discussed in my BLOG.  All books are available at AMAZON, BARNES and NOBLE, and AUTHOR HOUSE.  They are available as ebooks or print.  Look up the sites and review each book for price, as well as customer reviews and content samples.

 SEASON of the FLAME chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of the strong willed Jannine Howard and the two great loves of her life.  The first is Michael Cameron with whom she shares a childhood unitl World War II separates them.  By the time their paths cross again Jannine is about to marry Douglass Hartford, grandson of the aristocratic Idabelle Crawthers Hartford, who disowned his father when he married Rebekah Gould, daughter of the most prominent member of local Jewish society. Into all the lives he touches is a man called Marsh, an inveterate light bearer and disciple of the Great I Am who instills in them the eternal hope of The SEASON of the FLAME


After nearly 10 years of research to find the real Arthur in history, beginning with Arthurian History at Oxford University, UK, I brought out ARTHUR.  It was a true labor of love for me and I truly feel that I did find the most beloved defending warrior in the annals of human history.


My third book, REDEMPTION, is a ghost story, set in Alexandria, Virginia, and Los Angeles, California.  Shannon Lawrence is a modestly successful writer and producer who becomes very successful overnight due to a careless promise made to an evil stranger on Holy Thursday in Jerusalem.  It is a thrilling story, fraught with mysterious avenues, angels, and a ghost.





       Betsy at age 2